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Water Quality Unit

Water Quality Units, Stormwater Quality Units, Drainage Protection Systems and Stormwater Drainage Systems are all common names used to describe any system who’s function is to protect our waterways from pollutants like sediment, oil, and trash. These pollutants have negative impacts on the quality of water we drink. The effectiveness of our stormwater systems ability to transfer stormwater and prevent floods in streets and buildings is directly affected by pollutants. Phase II of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act requires stormwater that is discharged to meet more strict standards than have been held in the past. In response to this many regions and municipalities now mandate inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

There are a variety of Water Quality Units available, however all require a maintenance program to ensure proper function.

  • AJellyFish
  • Vortex
  • Baysaver

  • ADS HDPE Water Quality Uni
  • Stormceptors
  • Vortechnics

  • Continuous Deflective Separation (CDS)
  • conTech

  • hydraGuard
  • Downstream Defendersqua Swirl Hydrodynamic Separator

J & S Liquid Waste will assist you by inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining your Water Quality Unit based on your system, the regulations in your area, and the specifics surrounding your site. Our highly trained staff will keep your costs down by cleaning only when needed or required. Maintenance is accomplished by our Confined Space Entry team who is able to do work where many others refuse to go. Drainage Protection Systems are only as good as the cleaning and maintenance they receive. Nearly all violations and fines are due to lack of attention to the system.

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