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Emergency Spill Response


J & S Liquid Waste Service has emergency response facilities located in Fort Wayne, Indiana with highly-trained crews and fully-stocked equipment that can be mobilized within hours.

There are key points to effective spill response and we deliver!

A quick assessment of the spill situation on scene, followed promptly by containment and clean-up procedures


J & S Liquid Waste Services has been responding to a wide range of spill situations for over 35 years. Our Emergency Spill Response Services are focused on minimizing the effects of hazardous materials and chemicals to human health and the environment while minimizing our clients’ liability. We understand the need to comply with all regulatory agencies that may be involved in a serious spill response situation, while also pushing for the most cost effective method for dealing with the situation for our clients.

The J & S Liquid Waste Service is capable of responding to spills within the northeast Indiana area, or within a 200 mile radius of Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are able to respond with multiple layers of services, including site safety and security, as well as, labor, and any heavy equipment needed for the site.

With many years of in-the-field experience and knowledge in managing and containing various types of spills, we have provided emergency response to situations including spills of oil, fuel, chemicals, and other hazardous materials resulting from vehicular accidents, aviation incidents, train derailments, natural disasters and industrial facility accidents. If your spill involves an unknown chemical or substance, we can conduct swift and comprehensive identification. Our team of trained professionals can collect all types of samples and perform field tests or can serve as a courier service to deliver samples to the lab.

To guarantee safe transportation after pick-up, we maintain a fleet of specialized vehicles dedicated to the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We own and operate all of our vehicles exclusively, ensuring complete control over the entire process.


  • 24-hour emergency response dispatch
  • Spill cleanup and containment
  • Mitigation of environmental impacts in soil and water
  • Incident management
  • Truck Roll-Overs/Transfers
  • Fuel Spills
  • Industrial Plant Emergencies
  • Rail Derailments
  • Disaster Response
  • Oil and Hazardous Materials Spills
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Acid Spills

  • PCB transformers
  • Leaking drums
  • Unknown abandoned drums
  • Underground utility vault decontamination/acid/base spills
  • Coordination and management of subcontractors
  • Interface and communication with local, state and federal regulators as well as emergency responders
  • Transportation and disposal of waste generated from spill
  • Remediation and restoration
  • Site closure sampling and analysis
  • Remediation summary reports (as required by client or regulators)
  • Response to notice of non-compliance advisory letters from state or federal EPA on behalf of client


Millions of facilities in North America manufacture, use or store hazardous materials. Since these materials are transported by road, rail, pipeline and water, just about any company is vulnerable to an accidental spill. When a spill does occur, it requires a highly specialized team with the equipment and training to bring the incident to closure as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible.

For nearly thirty five years, J & S Liquid Waste Service has been providing 24-hour, 365 days a year, emergency spill response services. Some of the industries we respond to; transportation companies, chemical manufacturers, petroleum companies, railroads, the airline industry, utilities and local, state and federal government agencies.

J & S Liquid Waste Service provides emergency response capabilities for a broad range of incidents. All response personnel have extensive training in emergency spill response, from senior level operations managers to hazardous material technicians, Our personnel combine equipment, experience, knowledge and training to provide safe, effective and reliable coverage.


We are here to help your company effectively manage any emergency. Our Emergency Contact Center is available any time of day or night at 260-489-6021.


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