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J & S Liquid Waste Services Inc. started with one man and one truck pumping septic tanks. While the business has expanded the humble origins and years of knowledge and service remain. Weather you completely understand your residential onsite sewage system and are looking for regular septic tank maintenance, or are a new to a septic system, we are pleased to offer a full range of services to meet your needs.

If you are a new to a home with a septic tank we recommend that you educate yourself about how the system works and what maintenance is required. Taking this step can give you peace of mind regarding your home, provide you with information on where it would not be wise to place trees, driveways or outbuildings, and save you a great deal of money on costly repairs or replacing the system entirely. To assist you J & S has in conjunction with the Allen County Board of Health produced a four part video “Out of Sight Not Out of Mind”. This video will give you a basic understanding of the most common systems found in our area today, our office is always happy to help you further with questions you may have or understanding your individual system or property.


Part One

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Part Two

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Part Three

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Part Four

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Many customers ask us about septic tank additives. We, in conjunction with the Allen County Board of Health do not recommend the use of any additive in your onsite sewage system (septic system).

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