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What is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap or grease interceptor is a receptacle located between the restaurant drain lines and the sanitary sewer lines. They are engineered to stop fats, oils or grease (FOG) from entering the sewer lines. The grease trap can either be located inside of the establishment or on the outside. Typically large restaurants or school kitchens will have their grease trap or grease interceptor located outside of the facility, usually in the ground, while facilities with smaller traps can usually house theirs indoors.


Why do I have to have a grease trap?

grease trapLeft unchecked, FOG cools, then solidifies and sticks to the insides of the pipes, trapping food particles and other debris. Over time, this solid mass continues to grow until it obstructs the flow of waste water and causes sewage to back up either in your sewer lines or the municipal sewer system. FOG wreaks havoc on municipal wastewater systems, which is why local municipalities require commercial kitchens to have a grease trap. Acceptable amounts of FOG in waste water leaving an establishment are regulated, and fines can exceed $1000.


How do grease traps work?

Grease traps slow down the flow of water coming from drains, allowing the water and grease time to cool. Cooling causes the grease to coagulate and float to the top, while other, heavier solids, fall to the bottom of the trap. The remaining waste water is free to pass through the baffles in the tank and on to the municipal sewer lines.

Your grease trap should be cleaned when the grease, solids or the combination of both is 25% or more of the volume of the trap. If you have a grease/solids fraction of greater than 25% of the volume of the trap, you risk a greater degree of grease flowing downstream into your drain pipes, same with solids.  The more greases/solids flow out of the trap, the more likely you are to have issues.


Why do I need to maintain my grease trap?

Most municipalities require monthly grease trap maintenance or cleaning. Depending on the trap size and your business volume, more frequent service may be necessary. MSD, Local Municipal Sewer Districts, Local Health Boards, and Environmental Regulations have specific requirements for compliance. Our job is to help you maintain compliance, without business interruption.

Maintaining your grease trap is a municipal requirement, not an option.

No one wants a back up, especially during a busy meal service.  Not only are emergency drain cleaning services expensive, but a major disruption in service could cause lost revenues and dissatisfied customers!


What can I do to maintain my grease trap and lower my costs?

Good housekeeping practices and regular grease trap maintenance are your best protections. Wise kitchen practices are essential to keep your grease trap functioning properly. Proper routine maintenance begins with your trained employees using sound kitchen housekeeping – such simple actions as scraping dishes before washing, discarding solid waste into the garbage instead of washing it into the sink, and ensuring that employees properly dispose of used cooking oil into specifically designated containers. Used oil should never be discharged into any drain, whether it is a sink, floor drain, toilet or outdoor manhole. These actions can cause sewer blockages resulting in fines and expensive repairs. But even the most diligent property owner can run into problems if foreign material is introduced to the drain system.  Symptoms of blockages are easy to notice. Overflows outside or backed up sinks indoors require immediate attention; but being aware of earlier signs can save you headaches, emergency service fees, fines and downtime.  If your drains start running slowly, or noxious odors rise from the drains, or if you hear gurgling sounds from the drains, call us right away – can help.


Why choose J & S Liquid Waste Services?

sm-J&S LogoYou can look for the lowest cost pumper and spend the bare minim right now or, you can look at total cost of ownership. You have many priorities that require your daily attention, and grease management can be overlooked. Focusing on improving the customer experience, controlling costs and ensuring above all else that the facility continues to operate efficiently without unnecessary shut-downs is the norm. Although waste grease management and choosing the right grease control partner seem to be somewhat insignificant given the above priorities, facility managers’ goals are all impacted by choices regarding grease control. Facility managers are increasingly being held accountable for grease effluent control and regulatory compliance. Lack of compliance can mean costly fines, facility shut downs and, more importantly, damage to the corporate brand and reputation. J & S Liquid Waste is a partner in compliance and we will work diligently to ensure smooth operations with scheduled services that will allow you to focus on your customers. We will do our part to keep your trap running as it should. If you are not currently using us to service your traps, call today at 260-489-6021 for a free consultation and quote.

Avoid the possibility of illegal disposal. When you use a waste hauler that cannot guarantee legal disposal, you put yourself great risk for significant fines and expensive clean-up costs. We maintain proper transport manifests and follow all federal, state and local regulations. Professional grease trap and waste pumping service ensures the job is done right from start to finish, protecting everyone concerned & the environment from health and safety risks. All of our grease trap waste is transported to a licensed facility for proper disposal. We do not land apply your grease trap waste. Protection of our drinking water, one of our most valuable resources is a real concern for our customers and J & S Liquid Waste Services Inc.

  • We help you stay in compliance with government regulations and ordinances
  • We maintain records of our service to your grease trap
  • We counsel you on a proper maintenance plan and schedule to prevent problems
  • Our service is provided without disrupting your business


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We also repair, install, and replace grease traps, baffles, drain, and sewer lines. We are full service which means that we have the tools, talent, and experience to bring your problem to resolve without the delays, additional cost, and miscommunication that can arise with sub-contractors.


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