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Excavation Division

Excavation refers to the process of digging within a site to reach what is underneath in the substructure. J & S determines where they need to dig without damaging structures, property or any underground utilities. Then, we use specialized machinery to assist them in excavating the area in the best manner possible. We must also obtain permits to ensure that the work is legal and done properly.

Because the dangers of excavating are serious, we hold regular safety meetings to ensure a company culture of safety and keep it front and center in the minds of all J & S staff. What many don’t take into consideration when choosing a contractor, especially those with the lowest bid, is the effect of an accident on your property. You or your insurance will never have to have to pay for an accident on a J & S work site because we are professional, bonded and insured.

J & S Liquid Waste Services, Excavation Division has expert excavators with years of experience in installation, repairs and maintenance. Reaching underground utilities can be difficult and should never be repaired or replaced without the proper knowledge and experience. For customers in Allen County, and the surrounding areas, J & S is here to help. Our expert technicians have the experience to perform excavation safely and efficiently.

Why are Excavation Services Necessary?

 City of Fort Wayne residential properties most commonly need excavation services when they need replacement or repairs done on their main sewer lines or their main water lines. The main sewer line is the line that connects the residences drainage system to the public drainage system. Similarly, the main water line accommodates water to flow to the structure rather than away from it. Our rural customers in northeast Indiana may experience issues with their septic lines running from the house to the septic system, the discharge lines running from the septic system or the septic system itself.  Once a plumbing situation occurs such as crushed or burst pipe, invasive root damage, or serious blockages, the need for professional repairs is necessary. In order to reach these lines however expert excavation services are needed.


Excavation work preformed by J & S Liquid Waste

Why Choose Professional Excavation & Repair Services?

More than just operating equipment and digging a hole our technicians bring experience and skill to ensure the job is done right the first time. Following all state and local laws we work safely around your existing utilities. The safety of homes, businesses, and the people we service is paramount to our crews. We understand the expense and frustration of being without services or having your business interrupted. Our professional excavations services ensure that we don’t end up digging in areas that could have negative repercussions. For example, digging in the wrong area and damaging a main line can result in costly repairs for the city and stiff penalties. Our professional excavation services obtain the appropriate permits with which to dig and our technicians are specially trained in what they do. Additionally, by using our professional service, you can rest easy knowing that the lines will be identified and repaired properly the first time.  The expense of doing it right the first time is worth it when you consider the expense of doing it twice! Call J & S Excavating today for an estimate that includes peace of mind.


An alternative to traditional excavation equipment hydro-excavation is recognized by regulatory agencies as “non-mechanical” and is therefore safe for digging in the safety zone around the utilities. This means that we can continue to plan and work in areas where utilities are close together or not clearly marked. Below ground utility infrastructures are becoming more and more congested as they are adapted to accommodate greater demands. This has led to increasing safety and financial concerns when there is a need to locate and expose such utilities.  Using non-destructive water technology, we can quickly, safely and economically excavate in areas inaccessible to conventional digging equipment, even where pressure gas lines and pipelines are present.

Major gas companies, consultants, industrial facilities, and contractors depend on our speed, safety and know-how for everything from potholing, pilot holes, slot trenching to major excavations. A wide variety of skills and equipment continue to allow J & S to say “yes” to our customers when they have been turned away by others. Call J & S Excavating to find out what challenges we can say yes to.

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