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th_ds_0731141045Who We Are

Serving the needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers J&S is a full service contractor handling a wide variety of waste streams. It doesn’t matter whether we are pumping your septic tank or diagnosing why it doesn’t work, we are here to help from start to finish. Full service means that we have the tools, talent, and experience to bring your problem to resolve without the delays, additional cost, and miscommunication that can arise with sub-contractors. We can lay hundreds of feet of sewer pipe or hydro-excavate around a web of utilities. We are here to provide more than just services, we provide solutions. We can clean car wash settling pits, oil water separators, grease traps, or acid tanks. From permitted confined space entry to decontamination we almost never say “no” to our customers. Call us today and let us solve your problem.







Our History

J & S Liquid Waste Services started in 1980 with one man, one truck, and a dedication to providing for his family through service and integrity. Pumping septic tanks, known as “honey dipping” back when it was done with buckets, led to a great reputation for service. Great service then led to commercial liquid waste streams such as grease traps. More business comes with greater customer needs like repairing or installing septic systems which led to excavation equipment. In 1998 we began offering Rooter Services which later became its own division and brought with it the capabilities of main sewer line auguring, hydro-jetting, and camera inspection. We have grown to be the only full service septic/sewer company in the area, with the knowledge, tools, and experience to diagnose and fix your problem. From start to finish we are here to do more than just provide services, we solve problems. Call us today and let us put your mind at ease.


Just Some of the Services We Provide

24/7 Emergency services available. Bulk liquids transport and disposal including sewage, septic, grease trap cleaning, petroleum products and hazardous waste. Full rooter service including auguring of blocked sewer lines, diagnosis of backed up drain lines and hydro-jetting of plugged lines. Camera inspection of sewer lines, perimeter drains, industrial process lines including line locating. Excavation services including hydro excavation with expertise in sewer line, water line,  force main and septic system installation and repair. Hi-vac services to clean catch basins, sediment pits/sand traps, oil/water separators and more. Lift station, grinder station and dosing pump installation and repair including permitted confined space entry. Spill response including environmental remediation, hazardous waste, and bio-hazards. Environmental services for underground storage tank removal including decontamination and soil remediation.

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